A 3 liter bag filled with Sphagnum Mos sitting ontop of Sphagnum Mos.
Sphagnum moss
A 3 liter bag filled with Sphagnum Mos sitting ontop of Sphagnum Mos with a hand ontop of the bag.
Sphagnum moss

Sphagnum moss

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About Sphagnum moss
Sphagnum moss in a hand

This ready to use Sphagnum moss is very versatile. Use it as a hydroponic plant growing medium, add it to your orchid soil mix or use it in a false bottom layer for your terrarium. It is also a great propagation medium. You can even make a kokedama ball out of it!

   Ready to use
   Long strands (5-15cm)
   Great water retention & ventilation
   Harvested locally

**Since this is a natural product, sticks, twigs & leaves will be in the bag/net**

Most sphagnum moss comes compressed, you have to hydrate it fully before use. Our sphagnum is ready to use and slightly damp! Buy our sphagnum moss in handy 3L bags & larger 36L nets.

Is sphagnum moss sustainable to harvest? 
Sphagnum moss is not a great resource to harvest in large numbers for soil production, as this process digs up lots of stored CO2 in the ground.  We however take pride in the fact that our sphagnum is derived from a farm in The Netherlands, where only the top part is harvested & regeneration is the top priority. 

Using sphagnum moss for cuttings
Sphagnum moss (also known as peat moss) holds onto moisture well while remaining very airy. This creates a great environment for cuttings and reduces chances of mould. Do note that sphagnum does not contain any nutrients for your plants. 

Sphagnum for moss poles
Moss poles are another great destination for your peat moss. The texture of the sphagnum creates a great surface for climbing plants like monsteras & philodendron. There are multiple ways to build your own moss pole using twine, pvc or a mesh screen. 

Sphagnum moss also has a great wicking ability, allowing it to suck up water left at the bottom of the container so the roots are all evenly moist. This promotes healthy growth and prevents root rot. 

How to propagate with sphagnum moss 
To propagate, hydrate the moss and squeeze out any excess water. Fill your container and place the plants in the moss, make sure to cover the nodes & aerial roots if present, as this is where new roots will grow from. 

Sphagnum moss in terrariums
As terrariums require an airy and moisture-holding substrate, sphagnum moss is an ideal solution. Mix it with some coco coir & coco husk for the perfect blend. Activated carbon is another great addition to your terrarium mix.


While the names of the mixes are great guidelines, they don't cover all species. To help you with this we have created the SYBASoil guide!

A 5 Liter bag will fill about 10x 10cm pots. Have a look at this handy infographic.

Our packaging is completely recyclable. The labels are made of kraft paper and can be composted. The bag's can be either re-used or disposed with your local plastic recycling service.

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Louise Sauer

The moss looks really good, can't wait to repot my Nepenthes into it! Very well packed, will definitely recommend! 😁

Robert Lueilwitz

Beste Qualität, ich bin sehr zufrieden. Man hat sich Mühe gegeben, schneller Versandt und liebe, persönliche Worte liegen dem Päckchen bei, wenn man es öffnet. :) Sehr nice! Gerne wieder!

Patrick De Maere
prima product

Goede kwaliteit en hoeveelheid

Robert Jacob
Excellent product

Very prompt delivery

Goede kwaliteit, wel erg aan de prijs

Heel tevreden over het product, maar helaas wel erg aan de prijs.

Artsypants Batz

Sybotanica always delivers- and FAST! Amazing stuff, my isopods are very happy.

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