A 5 liter bag of Alocasia Mix sitting ontop of a pile of Alocasia Mix.
Alocasia mix
Alocasia mix
A 5 liter bag of Alocasia Mix sitting ontop of a pile of Alocasia Mix with a hand ontop.
Four different images showing the different measurements and sizes for each sized bag.
Alocasia mix
Alocasia mix
Alocasia mix
Alocasia mix
Alocasia mix

Alocasia mix

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Why order SYBASoil Alocasia mix?

- Peat-free soil, good for your plants & nature!
- Improved root development
- Organic nutrients & booming microbial life
- The soil your plant deserves

Not sure if the Alocasia mix is right for your plant?

Check out the SYBASoil guide Alocasia mix in a hand

How to use the Alocasia Soil Mix

Using the mix is easy!  start with removing as much of the old soil as possible. Gently squeeze the pot while holding it sideways to loosen up the plant. Run the roots under lukewarm tap water to remove the last pieces and bits. 

Also, make sure to remove any dead foliage that may still be on the plant using scissors. Now your plant is ready for its fresh Alocasia soil. Add a small layer of Alocasia mix at the bottom of the pot.

Place the plant in the pot, and slowly add Alocasia soil to the sides to fill it up. Make sure that the point where the roots meet the plant is just buried under the Alocasia soil. 

Lightly pat the Alocasia mix down into the pot. Make sure to water the Alocasia mix thoroughly after repotting, as this helps settle the mix and roots down.

Why the Alocasia mix works

The alocasia mix has vermiculite instead of the more common perlite. This causes the soil to stay wet for longer. Vermiculite holds moisture very well and releases it back into the soil slowly. This makes it easier to keep your alocasia evenly moist and reduces the time you have to water, leaving you with more time to admire your plant!

    The original habitat of the Alocasia plants

    Most of Alocasia originates from the southeast of Asia. They are found on forest floors of subtropical & tropical areas. They love high humidity, heat & constantly moist soil that doesn’t dry out. This isn’t to say that they don’t need drainage, their roots still need to breathe well. This alocasia mix mimics that habitat

    Tip! As Alocasia likes to stay moist, use a plastic or ceramic pot. Clay & other types of pots are porous, meaning they breathe out moisture. Plastic & ceramic contain moisture better. 

    How to care for Alocasia plants

    Alocasia prefers wet soil, they are part of the aroid family but require a bit more humidity and moisture than aroids like photos, philodendrons & monstera. They prefer bright indirect light, but can’t stand direct sunlight. The main issue with alocasia care is inconsistency in the environment, once they are doing well, try not to change their care around too much. 

    Unlike most aroids, Alocasia will not benefit from having a moss pole to grow up to. They are self-supporting plants that grow upright. 

    Alocasia mix

    Ingredients of SYBASoil Alocasia mix:


    While the names of the mixes are great guidelines, they don't cover all species. To help you with this we have created the SYBASoil guide!

    A 5 Liter bag will fill about 10x 10cm pots. Have a look at this handy infographic.

    Our packaging is completely recyclable. The labels are made of kraft paper and can be composted. The bag's can be either re-used or disposed with your local plastic recycling service.

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